Wed. thru
Sat. 9 - 5:30
The Smell of
Freshly Baked
Bread and
Cakes will
greet you!
When I think of one of my most wonderful
childhood memories, it's mom's bread making.  
The process itself was enchanting but my mom
was a wonderful story teller so she brought it
to life with tales of her family - when winters
were hard and food was scarce.  The
depression days of 1930's were as real to her
as yesterday.  I learned to value simplicity and
the wonderful faith and creativity these folks
relied on to keep their homes functional and
the many mouths fed.  Our shop decor and the
hands on way we do things is a reflection of
this history.
Mennonites? - Strange name, strange dress.
Ah, maybe Amish?
Yes, you may ask!
We (the owners and some employees) are Mennonites.  There are 20+  Mennonite families
living around Thomasville & Meigs.  Our Church, located on Big Creek Rd.,  close to Meigs, is
open to anyone.  We love the Lord, and are thankful for God's plan of Salvation through
Jesus Christ and want to live a godly life here on earth.  Life is so short- let us all serve Him
every day He gives us.

Are We different from the Amish?
In some ways.  Amish do not use the modern conveniences we are so used to like electric, cars,
computers, and air travel.  Many Amish have moved into the Mennonites because of similar
doctrinal beliefs.  For me personally, my Maternal Grandparents were Mennonites and my
Paternal Grandparents were Amish, so I have a lot of respect for the Amish.  Many Amish
are very fine, God fearing folks, but some who aren't have tainted the name.
Bread wagon
This name dates back to the 1800's, when
baked goods were delivered through cities
much like the well known milk delivery
wagons.  Our baked goods are intended to
be used in 5 days or frozen.  We add no
artificial preservatives.  Refrigeration can
help prevent molding on breads but will tend
to dry out most baked goods.  Almost all
baked goods are pretty happy frozen but as
we all know, eaten fresh is best!