The Smell of
Freshly Baked
Bread and Cakes
will greet you!
Sandwich Buns
are made from Sour Dough, Wheat
Tomato or Parmesan Herb Bread Dough.
They are packed in 4 -6 count and sold
by weight.
Wheat Dinner Rolls
are made like the white rolls except using
freshly ground wheat.
Soft Yeast Dinner Rolls
are a sweet dough made from scratch using milk, eggs,
margarine, sugar, and King Arthur Bread Flour.  They are best
served warm and you can microwave them for a few seconds just
before using.  I keep a pack in the freezer and pop a few off
to go with Sunday Dinner.  
Tomato Herb Bread
is made using tomato puree as a base instead of water.  Then Garlic
and Herbs are added.  It's color makes interesting party
sandwiches or try it for grilled cheese sandwiches.
Parmesan Herb Bread
is a homemade white bread with Garlic, Italian Herbs,  and
Parmesan Cheese added. It is great served with Dinner or try
topping a slice with pizza sauce and toppings for a kids favorite.
Sour Dough
is made with a potato starter and is sweet in flavor with an old
fashioned look and texture.  It is a favorite with many customers
looking for homemade taste.
100% Honey Wheat Bread &
Wheat with Ground Flax Seed Bread
are made with wheat ground at our bakery. This fresh grind retains the full
nutrient value of flour. Honey is added as sweetener - also Canola oil and a
minimal amount of salt to make an extra nutritious loaf.  Added flax seed
gives a nutty flavor.
Breads & Rolls
5 kinds of breads are made fresh from scratch without preservatives
added. Each 1.5 pound loaf is hand weighed and shaped. It is raised
in a warm spot and baked much as bread was 50 years ago.   
Wed. thru Sat.
9:00 - 5:30