Wed. thru
Sat. 9 - 6
Welcome to our little shop.  If you don't see
what your looking for, please ask.
To order a large quantity, please give a few weeks notice.
This list in not complete.
Dried fruits:
Banana chips - Apricots- Mango-Pineapple
tidbits-Cranberries-Cinnamon apple chips-Crystallized ginger-Date &
nut rolls-Mini fruit mix
Chocolate Covered: Pretzels-Almonds-Raisins-Peanuts-Malt balls
-Mini raspberry cups-Pecan turtles-Peanut turtles.
Gummy: Bears-Turtles-Frogs-Fruit salad-Grape fruit-Orange slices
-Raspberrys-Brite crawlers-Sour bears.
Snack Mixes:Hot cajun-Mexican-Fiesta sunshine-Mega  munch-
7 pretzel mix-Cheddar lovers mix-Dieters delight.
Candy:Mini cow tails-Wrapped sport balls-Lemon drops-Hot
cinnamon balls-Peanut butter cups.
Sugar free: Fudge-Chocolate covered pretzels-Gummy
bears-Bridge mix-Vanilla,Chocolate mint,& Peanut butter wafers.
Pretzels:Large oat-Large no salt-Micro mini-Dipzels-Peanut butter
filled-Large balls-Little cheezers-Honey mustard pieces.
Other favorites:Cheese corn sticks- Cinnamon bagel chips-Mixed
vegetable chips-Mini animal crackers-Wide sesame sticks-Peanut
brittle-Sesame brittle crunch-Corn chips with flax seeds-Whole
wheat fig bars-Whole wheat apple bars-Yogurt covered
pretzels-Yogurt covered peanuts-Tiny tender popcorn-Beef jerky
sticks-Mixed Jelly Belly beans-and More!
Apple Butter, Jams & Jellies: Large assortment.
Canned pickles of many kinds.
Homemade Noodles - plain and assorted flavors.
Amish Country Butter.
Assortment of cheeses cut & wrapped in blocks.
Homemade pimento cheese.
Amish cookbooks and local cookbooks
RADA Kitchen Knives.
Fudge in several flavors.
Assorted cotton dish cloths
We also have wheat berries to grind at a very reasonable price!
            (Price for 50 pound bag $32)

Home made Barbeque Brunswick Stew.
Chicken Salad
Cajun Crab Dip
Orange, Strawberry, and Lime Whipped jello and pineapple salad
The Smell of
Freshly Baked
Bread and Cakes
will greet you!
Thompson's Farm
Thomasville, Georgia -
Southern Country at it's best!
1 hour North of Tallahassee, Florida
Dip Mixes  - Just mix with sour cream and serve.