Wed. thru
9 - 5:30

the bread wagon
Country Goodies
The Smell of
Freshly Baked
Bread and Cakes
will greet you!
Cakes & More
10 kinds of "scratch" Cakes are made
fresh without preservatives added.
8 kinds of stack cakes come in 2 layer and
3 layer sizes. We use a 9" pan for all the
layers.  Slices are available of all kinds
except coconut and caramel. We also make
2 kinds of pound cakes
Italian Cream
White cake layers made
with buttermilk,  pecans
and fine coconut in the
batter.  Frosted with
Cream Cheese Nut
Frosting and topped with
pecans and coconut.  A
"best seller".
A fruity cake with
bananas, pineapple and
pecans.  Frosted with
Cream Cheese Frosting
and topped with a circle
of pecans.
The Cake Maker!
Carrots, Pineapple,
Cinnamon and Pecans
make this a delightful
tasty cake.  Frosted with
Cream Cheese Nut
frosting and topped with
Cake Slices
Do we Make Wedding Cakes?
This is a common question.  We can make any size cake in any of the 8 kinds of  cake we make.  We do not make a traditional white with butter cream frosting but have
made quite a few Italian cream cakes with cream cheese frosting for weddings. For a unique crowd pleaser try using a different flavor for each tier! We ask for a few weeks
notice and that tier plates and pillars be brought to us. Wedding cakes need to be picked up at the shop and set up on location by your coordinator.  
Crunchy top, supper
moist.  A touch of
Almond, Vanilla, and
Butter Flavor.

Five Flavor Pound
Just like the sour
cream except you will
taste the Lemon & Rum
flavor. Also has butter,
vanilla, and a touch of

Made every Wed. &
Friday.  For a HOT
pound cake come
about noon.
They walk out!
A moist white buttermilk
cake with fine ground
coconut in layers.   Pure
white old fashioned 7
minute whipped frosting  
on the outside with a
cooked creme filling
between the layers.
Red Velvet
A  Southern Favorite old
recipe - made with
buttermilk, a little cocoa
powder, and of course
the color makes it great
for festive holidays.  
Frosting is our famous
Cream Cheese Nut
Frosting with a circle of
red crumbs on top.
Chocolate on Yellow
homemade chocolate
(fudgy) frosting .  
Chocolate on
Moist and tender
Chocolate cake recipe
similar to a "black Joe"
cake.   Wonderful
chocolate frosting.  
Topped with a circle of
chocolate cake crumbs.  
My favorite!
Another Southern Favorite
Slow cooked caramel
frosting made with milk,
sugar, and margarine
spread warm on yellow
layers.  I usually make this a
2 layer cake - it seems a 3
layer won't stack as nice.