Wed. thru Sat.
9:00 - 5:30
The Smell of
Freshly Baked
Bread and Cakes
will greet you!
Cinnamon Rolls
This is as close as we get to a doughnut.  
We just bake, not fry our dough.  We
use a top quality cinnamon, dough made
from scratch - with milk and eggs.  Bake
them "tenderly" and top with cooked
soft vanilla frosting.  Wonderful.
They come in:
Jumbo individual size with small
pecans   *
9" pan size with or without
Ready to rise.
Tea rings
Serve a crowd breakfast with these.  
Just slice in 8-20 slices - enough to
reach around.  Same dough as cinnamon
rolls - just filled with
Blueberry or
Raspberry fruit filling.
We often sell out of these so you could
check before you make the trip.
Pumpkin Roll
A thin pumpkin "cake" layer with
Cream Cheese /Cool Whip filling.
Dusted with powdered sugar.  
Available year round in
slices or
whole roll - with or without nuts.
7-10 slices per roll.
Pumpkin Muffin with
Cream cheese filling
One of our newest items and a
good one.  These stay soo moist
and yummy with a filling and
spice much like pumpkin roll.