The Smell of Freshly
Bread and Cakes will
greet you!


Wed. thru Sat.
9:00 - 5:30
Orders Must be called in to 229-226-9700
We do try to keep most items on hand so just stop by and check it out!

Layer Cakes
3 layer-$24.00
2 layer-$18.00
Red Velvet, Italian Cream, Hummingbird, Chocolate/Yellow, Chocolate/Chocolate
Carrot, Carmel, Coconut, Lemon Cheese, Key Lime, Strawberry.

Pound Cakes
Five flavor(Lemon, Rum, Butter, Vanilla, Coconut)
Sour Cream(Vanilla, Butter, Almond)

Breads - Sliced upon request
-$3.25 loaf- Sour Dough, Parmesan Herb
-$3.50 loaf- Fresh Ground Wheat, Wheat with Flax Seed, Tomato Herb

Yeast or Wheat Dinner Rolls- $3.95 doz
Sandwich rolls- Any of our bread types- Priced by weight.

Sweet Breads -  Lemon Poppy Seed, Banana Nut, Amish Cinnamon.
Small Loaf- $2.95
Large Loaf- $4.95

Cinnamon Rolls
Large Individuals- $1.50
9" pan- $6.35 without nuts.
$6.65 with nuts.
Tea Rings -Raspberry or Blueberry filling

Cookie Bars 2" squares
12 Pack- $6.95
6 Pack- $3.95
3 Pack- $1.95
Lemon Cheese, Brownies with Chocolate Chips, Date Nut Bars, Peanut Butter with
Oatmeal, Sugar Free Fruit and Nut, Oatmeal Energy Bars.

Pumpkin Rolls with Cream Cheese/Cool Whip Filling
$12.00 Whole    - $2.00 Slice

Cream Pies- $8.25
Chocolate, Amish Peanut Butter, Coconut Cream.
Other Pies
Pecan- $10.25
Strawberry- $9.95 (in season)
Egg Custard- $8.25
Lemon Cream- $8.85 (October-December)
Pumpkin & Sweet Potato- $9.25 (Seasonal)
Apple & Cherry -$9.25

Fruit Cakes available in Nov. & Dec.

Whoopie Pies $2.00
Pumpkin Muffins $1.37 -individually,    4 pack- $5.26  
Cake Pops $4.00 for a pack of 3
Thomasville, Georgia -
Southern Country at it's best!
1 hour North of Tallahassee, Florida